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With over 15 years of experience in the framing and construction business Matt knows that he can provide a different experience for his clients. He is focused on quality and accuracy, doing things the correct way from the onset of the project. Matt truly enjoys the hands-on experience of running and working his own business and the forward-thinking notion of what a project can become. No matter the status or layout of your home, there could always be room for improvements or adjustments, sometimes it just takes an expert’s opinion to see the possibilities.

Since arriving in Nashville, Matt has continued focusing on a variety of projects from decks and hardscapes to fences and interior home renovations. He has the experience and knowledge folks look for when hiring a construction professional. The advantage that Matt provides to his clients is timely work and estimates and quality work. If you want someone who is focused on the job being completed in a precise and accurate manner then Matt Garbinski with Precision Design and Renovation, LLC is your man! Don’t believe us, read the reviews here.

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